First of all, the attackers are not acting legally, so they have no obligation
to fulfill their end of the bargain by decrypting the affected data or unlocking your device in return for payment.
Paying a ransom also helps them to finance their ongoing malicious activities.
Even if the malware authors provide you with a decryption key, there is no
guarantee that it will actually work. ESET has seen many cases in which
the tool sent by the attackers wasn’t able to decrypt the files, or worked
only partially. In some cases of Android ransomware, the randomly generated PIN code blocking the device wasn’t sent to the cybercriminal and
there was therefore no way to unlock it.
Also, if you pay the cybercriminals, how do you know they won’t come
back for more? If they were successful in attacking your company, they
may regard that as weakness and try to exploit you again.

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