LTE Failover

Simple, Affordable 4G LTE Failover solution keep your business online, all the time.

Our Failover Plans

2GB – 4G LTE   Failover



6GB – 4G LTE  Failover



10GB – 4G LTE Failover



30GB – 4G LTE Failover



Benefits of LTE Failover data protection:

Our high-performance 4G LTE wireless routers are designed for helping businesses stay connected and productive when the primary connection is lost.

  • “Always On” 4G LTE wireless is reliable
  • Automated failover during primary ISP outage
  • Low cost data plans
  • Simple network configuration

The Business Impact of Network Downtime

Decreased Productivity

Without a reliable connection, business operations suffers along with employee productivity.

Lost Revenue

No single network can provide 100% uptime. It’s not a question of if your network will go down, it’s a question of when. It is estimated that businesses lose internet connectivity an average of 3.4 hours/month. Downtime costs businesses $1,000’s/minute

Customer Frustration

Loss of connection can lead to poor customer experience, damaging sales as well as brand equity.

4G LTE Backup can be easily deployed in:

  • Existing networks
  • New network turn-ups
  • Mobile business locations, like pop-up stores or construction sites.

We can also set up a solution on your existing network or a new network with minimal inconvenience to you.

In the event of a service interruption of the primary WAN connection, the router will automatically switch over to the cellular network.